Hello world!  My name is David Han, and I am currently a student at Fox Chapel Area High School, researching the diverse stories and common backgrounds of immigrants in 1877-1945 era Pittsburgh.  I hope to emulate the endeavors of Paul Salopek’s Out of Eden Walk, connecting the human migration in my area with global movement on a larger scale.  My own walk will lead me through four ethnic neighborhoods of Pittsburgh, where I will photograph historical landmarks, research and sample cuisine, and connect modern cultural aspects with the past.  I will visit Deutschtown, Polish Hill, Little Italy, and Squirrel Hill, learning firsthand about the lives of German, Polish, Italian, and European Jewish immigrants.  Near the end of my journey, I will create a graphic representation of their respective countries of origin and the arduous path to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Thank you for joining me on this adventure!

Image Source: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/93/Pittsburgh_Fowler_1902.png



  1. Your walk is impressive. Congratulations! I am wondering if you plan to also examine the black diaspora to Pittsburgh.

    1. Thank you! I created this walk for a school project, so I may not be able to continue posting on this blog over the summer. However, I am interested in continuing my research, and I would love to examine the black migration into Pittsburgh.

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